Madison is the most dynamic, progressive city in the state. As a city we are what we do—not just what we say. I believe that an equitable and sustainable Madison is central to growing our economy and maintaining our quality of life in our city.

As mayor, I will be a voice for bold, visionary action that addresses our challenges through a Green Growth Agenda. An agenda that makes room for everyone who wants to live in our city, and grows our city in a fair, sustainable and equitable way.

A green, sustainable madison

  • 100% Green, Renewable Energy

    • The city should reach 100% renewable energy by 2030, with ALL of Madison following by 2045.

    • Make renewable energy the low cost option for all Madisonians.

    • Offer additional conditional uses or Expedited permitting for buildings that meet high environmental standards.

    • Ensure the utility companies are full partners as we reach these goals.

    • Explore municipal banking to finance residential clean energy projects.

  • Comfortable, Quick Transportation

    • move towards fare-free transit and finally implement bus rapid transit.

    • improve neighborhood participation in route planning to ensure we are serving those who depend on transit the most.

    • Reduce traffic by adding five additional miles of protected bike lanes, and prioritizing safe Pedestrian spaces.

  • Clean, Healthy Lakes and Parks

    • embrace creativity by allowing people to create art in their homes and increase art in our parks and public spaces.

    • Use purchasing power of the region to reduce Ag runoff.

    • Begin A voluntary “healthy lakes” badge for residents and local businesses.

    • Collaborate with the county to support long-term solutions to our long-term water quality and stormwater management challenges.

    • ensure all parks are fully accessible to people of all abilities by 2024.

A growing, equitable madison

  • New, Affordable Housing

    • Engage tif to build more affordable housing.

    • make room for everyone through equitable zoning reform.

    • explore innovative new housing types, support first-time homeowners and rehabilitate rental properties.

    • use the affordable housing trust fund and expand the Reverse Mortgage Loan Program to help those who struggle with rising assessments.

  • Innovative, Early Childhood Education

    • focus on kids on day 1, not just grade 1.

    • spearhead a city-wide early childhood care program, devoted to kids age 0-3.

    • provide wrap-around services for the entire family to reduce achievement gaps.

  • Fair & Efficient Essential Services

    • Improve/Enhance mental health and addiction support and training for first-responders.

    • Support the vital services of the Police and Fire Departments while we improve public accountability for the Madison Police Department.

    • Expand peer mentoring and support to head off juvenile crime.

    • Empower youth participation in city decisions by recruiting young people to serve on all city committees.

    • add speedy ambulance services to serve all of our growing neighborhoods.

  • Equitable Innovation

    • Engage local “anchor” institutions to support local minority and women owned businesses.

    • Work with Dane County to create a regional food hub to support the local, healthy food economy.

    • Support the startup economy with focussed attention to developing networks, training and capital for entrepreneurs.