Madison Mayoral Candidates Discuss Racial Disparities, Community Integration in First Forum

Several hundred residents attended a “Choosing Madison’s Mayor” candidate forum sponsored by The Capital Times at The Barrymore Theatre last night to learn more about the candidates’ ideas on how to make the city a better place to live for everyone.

Speakers included candidates Raj Shukla, Maurice Cheeks, Nick Hart, Toriana Pettaway, Satya Rhodes-Conway and incumbent Mayor Paul Soglin arranged in a randomized seating order. Moderators included City Editor Katie Dean and News Editor Jason Joyce and format for the debate consisted of three rounds separated by a lighting round in between each. Opening statements kicked off with Shukla, who is Executive Director for River Alliance of Wisconsin and who sat to the left of the moderators.

“I’m the son of immigrants who showed me that you can do anything with the support of the community and a lot of hard work,” he began.