Affordable Housing

Madison is growing and we need to make room for everyone. We will not build a wall around our great city. Everyone is welcome.

The cost of housing is high in Madison. And not just for new families and young professionals. Seniors on fixed incomes struggle to keep up with increases in taxes as a result of rising assessment. We can use the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to help those who struggle stay in their homes.

Our city is made great by its diverse communities and residents; we cannot afford to have people pushed out by unreasonable costs. 

The City supporting new homes is essential to making housing affordable for many. Madison can make it easier to add housing choices while we maintain the character of the city. Policies that encourage new models like “tiny homes”, support first-time homeowners, rehabilitate rental properties, and expand green homes through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing should be a priority. We should also refocus TIF on affordable housing.

We can grow our city in a responsible and green way, by prioritizing projects that meet higher environmental standards.  This will help us combat climate change, help people who are struggling by keeping monthly utilities low, and by creating more housing each year, we can lower the cost, because there will be more stock available.

We have to look at cities like Minneapolis who have reformed their zoning and eliminated Single Family zoning.  Single family zoning was historically used to keep people of color from certain neighborhoods, but we can find a Madison solution that works for everyone.  One that is welcoming for everyone, but still maintains the character of our city.

To do any of it, we must engage the community in a dialogue around the need to create spaces for more people. Madison is already changing. Our goal is to ensure Madison changes for the good of all, not the few.