Our city should take care of our kids from Day 1, not just Grade 1.

I have three daughters in the Madison public schools. A strong education system is vital if we are to continue to prosper. The future of the city is only as strong as the quality of its educational system. Good schools help our city grow, and it is critical that the city pursue every opportunity to further collaborate with and strengthen the Madison Metropolitan School District.

Teachers tell us that no student can learn if they are tired or hungry. I will work with community partners to offer stable housing options for stressed families, and expand programs like Madison Out of School Time (MOST).

We must also make sure quality early childhood care is available for all families. I will bring together private foundations and the non-profit community to establish early childhood programs, that provide wrap around services for the entire family for kids age 0-3. Those are the essential years when the brain is developing, and by focusing on these years will help us close the achievement gaps.