Essential Services

We must continue to strive for the provision of high quality and efficient services to all communities. When and wherever possible, we should seek cooperative agreements with the county and other municipalities to avoid duplication.  

We count on our municipal services for good streets that are clear of snow in the winter. We depend on trash that is removed promptly. Great libraries that will reach into every neighborhood to make their riches available for everyone are part of what make this city wonderful. Many of the services that are most critical- water and sewer- are the least visible. But we will continue to provide those safe and affordable services to all.

The success of our police service is critical. Current department needs must be met, with increased public health and addiction intervention capacity. A focus on addressing the trauma too many people experience, like domestic violence and sexual assault, can stop violence before it starts. And offering young people with more recreational, educational and employment options can mute the influence of gangs.

The vast majority of calls to the the Madison Fire Department are paramedic calls — not fire emergencies. It is critical that every neighborhood in our city has access to the same timely, effective and life saving service that we all deserve.

All city services rest on a city commitment to transparency and accountability with the public. City departments are responsible to our residents and must strive to earn community trust at every moment. The mayor’s office cannot passively manage these services. It must provide the leadership necessary to collaborate and solve problems with municipal services and residents.