Green Energy and Green Jobs

Madison must respond with urgency and imagination to climate change. Under my leadership as chair of the Sustainable Madison Committee, the city committed to 100% renewable energy.

City government must reach that goal by no later than 2030, with the rest of Madison following suit by 2045. Our biggest opportunities are greening our transit system, investing in energy efficiency and expanding renewables in the city. We can also support MG&E’s transition from coal and natural gas to carbon-free energy.

Offering carbon-free transportation options-is part of the path to a carbon-free community. So is expanding the county’s PACE program to residences in Madison.

We should use this opportunity to support training and access to green jobs for people able, and interested in building a green infrastructure in Madison, but who may need a helping hand.

My background has prepared me to take an active role in bringing together city government, residents and even the utility companies to reach our sustainability goals.