Racial & Social Equity

Madison must be a city where everyone is welcome. We have to grow and make space for new people.

Equity is personal to me. I know what it feels like to be the only person of color in the room. And I worry that my own daughter, who has a disability, will be marginalized, ignored or abused.

My administration will reflect diverse perspectives that make up Madison. I will ask private sector leaders to commit to the same in board rooms across the region. There is opportunity to work with our schools to engage young leaders of all backgrounds to weigh in on city policy.

The city can also support efforts like DreamUp Wisconsin to identify new opportunities to shrink economic disparities.

Under my leadership the Racial Equity & Social Justice Initiative (RESJI) toolkit will be implemented across city processes and committees. It will take more than words and goals to overcome inequalities that are hundreds of years in the making. Madison deserves a mayor that will translate goals to action, and champion the rights of all of its residents.